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About Us

At the intersection of Luxe, Comfort, and Function sits Wilderspin Faux Fur accessories.  Wilderspin co-founders have created a wide selection of designer accessories that feature unique characteristics compared to what is traditionally offered - Infinity Scarves with the twist built in for ready to go designs and a hideaway hood for warmth, super cute and well-constructed clutchbags that are large enough to hold a tablet or small computer, and their most unique design, the Pocket Scarf, which also offers warmth, comfort, and utility with a built-in pocket large enough to hold an iphone.  Each Wilderspin item is carefully crafted in Michigan, features high quality fabrics and insanely soft Faux Fur. 

Our Legacy

How did it all start? Picture this: Its February, 2015, the coldest winter in years, and a very important wedding is just around the corner. 

The mother of the bride decides to make something special to contribute to the wedding and offer a bit warmth and comfort. Jo Brennan creates a pattern for a faux fur twisted infinity scarf for her daughter, Erin, and each of the bridemaids. The wedding party loves the scarves and the wedding attendees love them as well.  Soon, Jo begin to receive requests and made several as gifts.  Making these gifts inspired Jo because it allowed her to use the sewing techniques learned from her mother, Doris Wilderspin, decades ago.  As Jo crafted the faux fur scarves she was often reminded of her mother and how much she enjoyed sewing with her since the age of 5.  Likewise, Erin also remembered the joy of learning to sew with her grandmother.  Soon, the mother and daughter design team began and Wilderspin was born. The co-founders cite their mother/grandmother, Doris Wilderspin, as the inspiration for starting their business and the creation of their unique faux fur designs.

Today, the mother and daughter design team both agree "We are really fortunate to be able to work together to do what we love and continue the legacy of creation that was taught to us by Doris Wilderspin."

Making A Difference

Jo and Erin are committed to taking steps in their business that will have a positive impact.  This starts with selecting Faux Fur as their fabric of choice (over real fur).  Both Erin and Jo are animal lovers and enjoy offering their luxurious designs as an alternative to real fur.  Their conscious choices continue with enlisting Refuge for Nations as part of their production team. Refuge for Nations is a nonprofit social enterprise committed to empowering refugee women across Metro Detroit with tools and skills to grow employment opportunities. 

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